Option programmes

CapMan has currently two effective stock option programmes – Stock Option Programme 2013 and Stock Option Programme 2016 – as part of the Group’s incentive and commitment program for key personnel of CapMan Group. The Annual General Meetings held on 20 March 2013 and 16 March 2016 approved the terms and conditions of the Programmes.

Subscribing shares with CapMan Plc’s stock options

Option holders who have a book-entry account at Evli Bank Plc

Holders of employee option rights who have a book-entry account at Evli Bank can carry out their share subscription electronically through the Incentive portal at https://incentive.eam.fi.

Other option rights holder (investor) who have a book-entry account at Evli Bank can subscribe shares by contacting Evli Bank’s Helpdesk by email at operations@evli.com or by phone at +358 (0)9 4766 9931 (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

Option holders who have a book-entry account in another account operator

Holder of employee option rights or other option rights holder (investor) who have a book-entry account in another book-entry account operator will contact their respective account operator for share subscription. The account operator will provide further information on how to subscribe shares.

After the share subscription and paying the subscription price according to the payment instructions the book-entry account operator will take care of the required entries in each book-entry account, whereby the options used for subscription will be removed and new shares of the company will be entered.

New shares

The subscribed share is not immediately available for selling on the stock exchange because the new shares will first be entered in the trade register and after that the shares will be applied for listing on the stock exchange as a supplementary lot. Therefore, the stock option holder should be aware that the subscribed share would only be quoted after several weeks from the share subscription.

Shares will establish shareholders rights as of the date of share registration.

Key dates of Option Programmes in 2020

Option programme Subscription period Subscription window Listing schedule
2013 C 1.5.2018-30.4.2020 by 16.1.2020






2016 A 1.5.2019-30.4.2021 by 16.1.2020