Scala Fund Advisory

Scala Fund Advisory

Scala Fund Advisory offers advisory services to best in class private equity fund managers and professional investors globally.

Scala Fund Advisory offers fundraising services to best in class private equity fund managers and secondary services and strategic advice to institutional investors globally. We have offices in London, Stockholm and Helsinki.

The Scala team was responsible for fundraising and investor relations at CapMan for 15 years. Our General Partner “DNA” means that we are more than a distribution network. We have a deep understanding of the private equity business as a whole, enabling us to assist General Partners facing different challenges like succession, governance, conflicts of interest, incentives, reporting and valuations.

We have 50 years of combined private equity fundraising, investor relations and business development experience

Our home market is Europe and parts of Asia. In total our network of relationships covers more than 500 institutional investors. As a specialised private equity advisor, we aim to build long term partnerships with our clients. For the professional investors in our network, our goal is to help them to develop their private equity programs and present high quality investment opportunities.

Scala Fund Advisory is an independent partnership within the CapMan Group.