Fund Management

We offer specialised fund management services enabling alternative fund managers to focus on investment activities by taking care of tasks related to fund administration, e.g. implementation of the AIFMD, fund management, valuation and regulation by offering a comprehensive turnkey approach or by customising services to meet the needs of the client.

"We offer fund management services with a turnkey approach"

Solutions for the challenges of increased regulation

Services related to fund management, risk management and compliance have grown in demand as more complex fund structures, regulation increasing compliance and process requirements and increased reporting requirements add to the challenges that fund managers face today.

Over 28 years of experience in various investment strategies

CapMan’s Back Office, Monitoring and Legal teams have 13 fund management experts and lawyers with more than 28 years of experience managing various fund structures. The team has been involved in the formation of more than 80 funds through various strategies, including real estate funds and growth funds, as well as emerging market funds and yield funds, with investors ranging from smaller individual investors to large international institutions.

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