Fund investors

Approximately 120 Nordic and international institutional investors have invested in funds managed by CapMan, and pension funds and insurance companies are among the largest investors. Most of our fund investors have invested in more than one CapMan fund.

CapMan has put an increasing emphasis on building long-term relationships with its institutional investors. This has proven particularly important in light of the market developments. We are determined to further broaden and extend the reach of our international investor community.

Relationships with our fund investors are best built by providing superior returns and by constantly increasing the professionalism of our investor services. Through our transparent approach we build trust among the investors. CapMan's own fund investments are important in aligning its interests with those of the institutional investors.

Reporting to fund investors

CapMan reports to its fund investors on the status of its funds in compliance with fund agreements, InvestEurope guidelines, applicable legislation, accounting regulations, and other statutory requirements. The funds’ investments in portfolio companies are valued in accordance with IPEV-guidelines, while the valuation of real estate investments is based on assessments provided by independent external experts. The reporting typically takes place quarterly, but the frequency may vary in line with the fund agreements.

Capital invested per investor type, %

Geographic distribution of capital, %