The Management Group of CapMan Plc is responsible for the preparation and coordination of matters relating to CapMan Group's business.

  • Mari Simula
  • Head of Fund Investor Relations

Main tasks

The main tasks of the Management Group consist of (i) coordination of team strategy, fundraising, resources as well as coordination of marketing and brand, (ii) implementation of decisions by the Board and the CEO/ Management Group, (iii) giving input by providing information for the decision making and participate in discussion, and (iv) spreading information within the teams as agreed in the Management Group.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Board elects the company’s CEO. The CEO’s service terms and conditions are specified in writing in the CEO’s service contract, which is approved by the Board. The CEO manages and supervises the company’s business operations according to the Finnish Companies Act and in compliance with the instructions and authorisations issued by the Board. The CEO shall see to it that the accounts of the company are in compliance with the law and that its financial affairs have been arranged in a reliable manner. Generally, the CEO is independently responsible for the operational activities of the company and for day-to-day decisions on business activities and the implementation of these decisions. The CEO appoints the heads of business areas. The Board approves the recruitment of the CEO’s immediate subordinates. The CEO cannot be elected as Chairman of the Board.

CapMan’s CEO is Joakim Frimodig (born 1978, BA (Oxon)) since 4 May 2017.

The biographical details of CapMan’s CEOs are presented above.