We provide information to our various stakeholders about CapMan’s strategy, operations, objectives, and business environment in a way that gives a true and fair view of CapMan as an investment and as a partner.

Information regarding our compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, CapMan Group’s Corporate Governance Statement, CapMan Group’s Remuneration Statement, CapMan’s Disclosure Policy, releases, Annual Reports, the investor calendar, and share-related information, as well as other information required by the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, is presented on CapMan's website.

This Disclosure Policy defines the main principles, objectives and tasks of CapMan Communications and Investor Relations (IR) and defines the responsibilities in matters relating to information disclosure and investor relations. The Disclosure Policy was approved by CapMan’s Board of Directors 6 August 2009 and it is available on the company’s website in English and Finnish. The policy was updated on 4 May 2017.

CapMan's disclosure policy