CapMan Plc Governance

The Board of Directors of CapMan Plc is responsible for confirming the Group’s Corporate Governance principles.

Updated on 22 February 2018.

CapMan Plc (“CapMan”) complies, in accordance with comply or explain principle, with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 (the “Code”) for listed companies issued by the Securities Market Association and entered into force on 1 January 2016. The deviations from the Code are explained below in section 2. Furthermore, CapMan’s corporate governance is in compliance with the laws of Finland, its articles of association and the rules and directions of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

The company’s Corporate Governance Statement, Remuneration Statement and the Remuneration Report , that are required by the Code, are available below. The Corporate Governance Statement is also published in the company’s Annual Report for 2017.

The Code is publicly available on the website of the Securities Market Association at

Corporate Governance Statement

All Corporate Governance Statements

Corporate Governance Statement for 2017
Corporate Governance Statement for 2016

Corporate Governance Statement for 2015
Corporate Governance Statement for 2014
Corporate Governance Statement for 2013
Corporate Governance Statement for 2012
Corporate Governance Statement for 2011
Corporate Governance Statement for 2010
Corporate Governance Statement for 2009


The Remuneration Committee and the Board of Directors have foremost applied principles of fairness and competitiveness, balancing of interests of shareholders, fund investors as well as employees, and promoting as well as strengthening the performance culture both short and long term.

Code of Conduct

Joakim Frimodig, CEO of CapMan Plc:

“CapMan operates in the field of investments and financial services. Long-term success in this field of operation is built on trust between the parties. We believe that to earn this trust, we must always act according to the highest ethical standards in everything we do, be it with investors, other clients, portfolio companies, shareholders, colleagues, suppliers, competitors or other stakeholders. High ethics is one of CapMan’s core values and this Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is a representation of our commitment to this value statement and an expression of how we apply high ethics in our everyday professional lives.”