Growth Equity



Turnover (2017)

€ 88.5. m

Personnel (2017)


Funds’ ownership (diluted)

2,40 %

Touhula Day-Care Centres is a Finnish family of day-care centres where exercise has a key role. Touhula was established in 2011 and today it is the market leader in the private day care sector in Finland.

Touhula Exercise Day Care Centers offer high quality and stimulating early childhood education and pre-school education for active children in a comfortable and safe environment that encourages children to learn. At Touhula excercise is included in the daily life of the center, and not only as separate periods of time. The recommended amount of physical activity will be gained while playing. Touhula has received the Finnish Key Flag Symbol as a sign of domestic origin.

At Touhula Day Care Centers the operations are child-oriented and systematic. Exercise has a central role in everything that is done. Touhula follows the recommendations regarding the amount of exercise for children in early education: currently a minimum of two hours of brisk exercise each day.

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