Growth Equity



Turnover (2017)

€ 117.8. m

Personnel (2017)


Funds’ ownership (diluted)

19,00 %

Coronaria provides health care and wellbeing services and it is one of the fastest growing service companies in its sector in Finland. Norvestia invested in Coronaria in 2008.

Coronaria Hoitoketju was founded in 1988 and today it is one of the leading providers specialized in health and home care in Finland. Coronaria offers multifaceted health services from primary to specialized health care. The company also provides elderly and home care services as well as therapy and rehabilitation services for various categories of customers. Coronaria has been granted to use The Key Flag Symbol as a mark for Finnish origin.

Coronaria produces and promotes health throughout Finland with the help of over 1,500 professionals by working beside and as a partner with public health care. The company employs hundreds of professionals within health care and wellbeing.

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