Growth Equity

About Growth Equity

CapMan's Growth Equity portfolio consists of exciting unlisted Nordic growth companies in various fields.

Exceptional growth from unlisted companies

Growth Equity is a central element of CapMan’s growth strategy

The objective of the Growth Equity investment activities is to find unlisted target companies with the potential to grow rapidly, to make significant minority investments in them and, as an active investor, to develop their value so as to achieve returns in excess of the market average.

We aim to find growth companies that operate in sufficiently large markets and have the opportunity to take advantage of their service and solution innovations both in Finland and internationally. Our investment criteria further include professional and committed management, innovative service/product, proven business plan, growing revenues, significant market potential and unique competitive advantage.

The objective is to significantly increase the value of growth companies through long-term ownership, which often lasts 4–7 years, and ultimately provide returns to our shareholders.