Your growth partner

We invest in mid-sized unlisted companies in the Nordic countries. We select interesting growth stories, unique products, potential leading brands and passionate entrepreneurs for further development. We are a generalist investor – the business’s prospects to grow into a best in class company is the defining factor.

The companies we look for have Nordic roots combined with a global attitude

CapMan Buyout is a selective partner

Is CapMan Buyout a suitable partner for your business? The companies we look for have Nordic roots combined with a global attitude.

Nordic origins

Net sales of €50–300 million

Strong cash flow

Unique business, differentiated products and services

Competitive market position

Entrepreneurial mindset

A winning culture

Active in a growing, consolidating industry or in an industry undergoing change

Clear growth potential organically and through complementing M&A

Attractive position in the value chain

A growing company requires more than just capital

We offer growing companies:


An equity investment of €15–75 million


An active owner with a controlling position closely involved in execution of the growth plan


Broad industry knowledge and experience from the implementation of growth strategies and business transformations


Extensive Nordic and international networks


A diverse selection of financial tools to support the growth story

We are an active owner, but above all a reliable growth partner

We are active and pragmatic value creators

Knowledge of where we come from and our strengths and weaknesses is at the basis for creating new value. Our long operating history includes success stories and some losses as well, but above all numerous opportunities to learn and to grow. Every team member is driven by a positive mindset, a willingness to get things done and high ethics.

We roll up our sleeves and get to know your business beyond financial models

From strategy to actions in 100 days

The investment is completed and a fund managed by CapMan obtains a controlling position in the company. What next?


The new board of directors forms a strategy for the business.


The strategy lays the groundwork for a 100 day plan, which is used to improve efficiency and to support the implementation of the strategy throughout the organisation.


The value creation plan is constantly developed and the company’s next growth objectives are defined together with a suitable ownership base, which lays the foundation for the exit process.


The investment professionals are committed to the value creation of the company through a personal investment and provide operational support for the management throughout the investment period. It is our objective that our portfolio companies continue to prosper also after the exit!

We celebrate the successes of our portfolio companies and offer support in times of difficulty