We build trust among our investors through a transparent approach.

Funds under management

Fund Year Original size Status
CapMan Growth II Fund 2020 €74m Actively investing
CapMan Growth Equity Fund 2017 2017 €86m Value creation & exit
Fund Year Original size Status
BVK-CapMan Nordic Residential Mandate 2016 €456m Actively investing
CapMan Hotels II 2019 €368m Actively investing
CapMan Nordic Real Estate II 2017 €425m Actively investing
CapMan Nordic Property Income Fund 2017 €87m (non-UCITS) Actively investing
Kokoelmakeskus 2016 €47m Value creation & exit
CapMan Nordic Real Estate I 2013 €273m Value creation & exit
CapMan RE II 2006 €485m Value creation & exit
CapMan Hotels RE 2008 €875m Terminated
Fund Year Original size Status
CapMan Buyout XI Fund 2019 €175m Actively investing
CapMan Buyout X Fund 2013 €244m Value creation & exit
CapMan Buyout IX Fund 2009 €295m Value creation & exit
CapMan Buyout VIII Fund 2006 €440m Value creation & exit
Fund Year Original size Status
CapMan Russia II Fund 2013 €99m Value creation & exit
CapMan Russia I Fund 2007 €118m Value creation & exit
Fund Year Original size Status
Nest Capital 2015 Fund 2016 €100m Actively investing
CapMan Mezzanine V Fund 2010 €95m Generating carried interest
Fund Year Original size Status
CapMan Nordic Infrastructure I Fund 2018 €174m Actively investing

We have raised more than €5 billion since 1989

€3 billion in capital under management.

Approximately 120 Nordic and international institutional investors have invested in funds managed by CapMan, and pension funds and insurance companies are among the largest investors. Most of our fund investors have invested in more than one CapMan fund.


CapMan has put an increasing emphasis on building long-term relationships with its institutional investors. Relationships with our fund investors are best built by providing superior returns and investor services.


Through our transparent approach we build trust among the investors. CapMan's own fund investments are important in aligning its interests with those of the institutional investors.


We are determined to further broaden and extend the reach of our international investor community. Our funds are domiciled in Finland, Luxembourg or Guernsey.

Capital under management

Capital under management refers to funds’ remaining investment capacity and capital already invested at acquisition cost. The figure excludes capital from which the funds have already exited. Capital under CapMan’s management is allocated in private equity funds that invest in portfolio companies and real estate funds.The capital in funds making investments in portfolio companies is further divided into equity funds, and mezzanine and infrastructure funds.

The capital under management increases with new funds raised and declines through exits. Return expectations are directed to the capital under management both in the form of management fees and any possible carried interest.

The terms funds under management or original capital of a fund are used to refer to the original size of a fund, including capital from which the fund has already exited.

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