We build value for the enrichment of society through active ownership

Sustainability at CapMan

Sustainability at CapMan

At CapMan, we are guided by our mission to build value for the enrichment of society. We strive to be a positive influence in society and a role model for our investors and portfolio companies. Our sustainability journey is about maximising that positive influence.

As a Nordic active and significant owner we are ideally positioned to drive change towards well governed, environmentally and socially sustainable businesses and assets. Our impact comes through decisions, target-setting and finding opportunities to mitigate societal and environmental challenges. For us as a private assets manager and investor, sustainability is about working together with our stakeholders to help them become more sustainable.

Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy centres around our role as an active owner. We make an impact through our ability to influence decision-making and activities across the CapMan Group and portfolio companies and assets. We steer our investments towards clear sustainability targets. We strive to find opportunities that mitigate societal and environmental challenges.

Three tracks define our environmental, social and governance approach and focus. We focus on the topics with the most material impact in terms of development and ability to influence. We also monitor other areas that are of relevance for some of our portfolio companies and real estate through established processes and ESG KPIs.

Our sustainability targets

We have outlined ESG targets for CapMan Plc as well as for the portfolio companies and assets of funds managed by CapMan. These annual targets are the tools we use to ensure that we meet our commitment to build value for the enrichment of society.

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Signatory of the PRI since 2012

The PRI initiative is an international network of investors working together to put the principles for responsible investment into practice. The initiative aims to help integrate ESG issues into investment practices. Every year the PRI signatories are evaluated against the implementation of these principles in their investment policies and practices. CapMan became a signatory in 2012 among the first private equity firms in the Nordics.

Related policies and considerations

We focus on fostering sustainable practices in our activities and the activities of our funds under management. Sustainability factors are considered in investment analysis and decision making. CapMan’s sustainable investment policy describes our approach towards sustainable investment and business practices. It reflects the decision-making and ownership practices applied by the funds managed by CapMan as well as in CapMan’s other investment and advisory activities.

Sustainable Investment Policy

Sustainability factors may impact the revenue and cost structure of target investments directly, or have external impacts, such as impacting the quality of life for community stakeholders or perceived value for customers. Accordingly, they also impact return on investment. CapMan strives to integrate sustainability factors with its general core business, creating a strong culture that drives sustainable practices both at CapMan and in its portfolio companies. Please read more about the consideration of adverse sustainability impacts below.

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