Nordic private equity leader

Our strategy

Our objective is to offer the best private equity experience by providing attractive returns and innovative solutions for our investors, as well as value adding services for professional investment partnerships, growth-oriented companies and tenants. In order to deliver on our objective, we have structured our business around three business areas, which are investment partnerships, professional services, and investments from our balance sheet into private equity.

Our approach to value creation

1. Investment partnerships

Our investment strategies are focused. Best in class partnerships are independently responsible for investment activities and the value creation of investments. The investment partnerships play a central role in the foundation of management fee-generating funds, selecting investments, value creation for portfolio companies and real estate, and the formation of carried interest income.

Growth Equity – Minority investments in Nordic growth companies
Buyout – Driving Nordic success stories
Real Estate – Active owner of Nordic real estate
Credit – Alternative debt financing
Russia – A growth partner in Russia
Infra - Nordic value add infrastructure investments

Attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors

2. Professional private equity services

We serve private equity industry stakeholders with 25 years of expertise. We enable successful fundraising, fund management and centralised purchasing services for internal as well as external clients. Our services partially operate under separate brands.

Scala Fund Advisory
CaPS – CapMan Procurement Services
Fund Management

Value added services to investment partnerships, growth companies and tenants

3. Own investments

We invests broadly from our balance sheet in the private equity asset class. Depending on the fund size, we invest 1–5% in our own funds. By increasing our investment capacity and optimising our capital structure, we seek to actively manage our balance sheet. Our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients.

Significant own investment capacity

Investments €147.7 mn (30 Sep 2018)