Our services

One supplier to serve all

1. Volume agreements in key categories

CaPS has negotiated central contracts with a selected number of suppliers in Finland and Sweden. We focus mainly on indirect spend, covering services in over 80 categories. These arrangements are available to all our members. In addition to price benefits, our selected partners offer exceptionally high service levels with guaranteed director level and superior engagement.

2. Expert network

Our members can share their expertise, contacts and best practices through our network.

3. Employee Benefit Scheme

In addition to purchasing activities, we invest in our member companies’ wellbeing. All our member companies have access to our employment benefit scheme, where employees can make use of significant benefits our partners offer to individuals. The Employee Benefit Scheme is branded for each company and digitally available in all devices. The benefits are nationwide, equal and updated according to our member’s needs.

Access to the CaPS toolbox

Members obtain full benefits from our diverse tools

  • CaPS Extranet: closed platform, where you can access to tender results, partner presentations and effectual prices.
  • Events: We organise category specific tender events, where you can meet the top management of our suppliers, potential customers and network with other members.
  • Newsletter: in our monthly newsletter, we tell our members about our latest tenders and other CaPS-related news.
  • Employee Benefit Scheme: We bring the benefits offered by our partners to the whole personnel of our member companies.