Financial metrics

CapMan's key financial metrics are presented in a graph or table format below. Information from the tool can be downloaded in excel, pdf or jpg format.

Changes in terminology related to alternative performance measures

CapMan has on 11 August 2016 changed the terminology it uses for financial reporting and future outlook in accordance with the new guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). In lieu of “non-recurring items,” CapMan will utilise the term “items affecting comparability.” Items affecting comparability are, among others, material items related to mergers and acquisitions or major development projects, material gains or losses related to the acquisition or disposals of business units, material gains or losses related to the acquisition or disposal of intangible assets and material expenses related to decisions by authorities. Alternative performance measures, as such are presented, are derived from performance measures as reported in accordance to IFRS by adding or deducting the items affecting comparability and they will be nominated as adjusted. CapMan uses alternative performance measures to denote the financial performance of its business and to improve the comparability between different periods. Alternative performance measures do not replace performance measures in accordance to IFRS and are reported in addition to such measures.