CaPS team


Maximilian Marschan M.Sc. (Econ.) is the founder of CaPS. Maximilian is responsible for the overall management of CaPS activities in Finland and Sweden including service delivery to CaPS companies and supplier management. Prior to joining CapMan in 2009, Maximilian has managed different sales organisations for more than 10 years both in Finland and abroad.


Max Sjövall B.Sc. (Econ.) joined CapMan in 2014 and is responsible for category analysis and managing the Employee Benefit Scheme. Prior to CapMan Max worked as a sponsorship manager.


    Heta Korpivaara M.Sc (Econ) joined CapMan in 2015 and is responsible for managing the Employee Benefit Scheme and assisting the team in category analysis. Prior to CapMan Heta worked in HKScan Group Communications. She has also played 110 games with the Women’s National Basketball Team, and 7 years of professional basketball around Europe.

Axel Andersson B.Sc (Econ) joined CapMan in 2015 and is responsible for assisting the team in category analysis, managing the CaPS extranet and the Employee Benefit Scheme.

    Jerome Bouix M.Sc. (Econ.) joined CapMan Plc in 2000 and is a Senior Partner and Member of Management Group. He is in charge of CapMan Fund Advisory and CaPS teams.