Insider administration

CapMan complies with the guidelines for insiders issued by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki that came into force on 1 July 2013. CapMan has supplemented the general guidelines with its own set of internal insider guidelines, which are stricter in some areas. The Group’s General Counsel is responsible for insider issues.


According to the definition of public insiders specified in the Securities Market Act, CapMan’s public insiders are the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the members of the Management Group, and the Auditors including the Lead Auditor. In addition, the permanent company-specific insider register includes at least the CEO's Executive Assistant, the CFO, certain members of the Accounting team, the Monitoring team, the Communications team, certain members of the Fund Advisory team, Legal Counsels, Insider Assistant and IT team. The public and company-specific insider registers for CapMan are held by Euroclear Finland Ltd. Separate non-public project-specific insider registers are held for material projects as defined in insider regulations. A list of CapMan’s public insiders and their holdings of shares and stock options is updated monthly on the company’s website


Employees belonging to the Group’s public or company-specific insider registers are not permitted to trade the company shares or stock options without the permission of the person responsible for insider issues. Trading by the personnel is completely forbidden in the 30-day period prior to publication of the company’s financial results.




Insider holdings