Group structure and operative organisation

The CapMan Group (the “Group”) is comprised of CapMan Plc and its subsidiaries and associated companies. CapMan has subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Guernsey, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Cyprus. These subsidiaries act as fund management and/or advisory companies for Group’s funds making direct investments in portfolio companies or in real estate assets. The voting power in all subsidiaries is 100%-owned by CapMan. CapMan’s most significant associated company is Maneq Investments Luxembourg S.à.r.l. All CapMan’s subsidiaries and associated companies are listed in the Notes to the Accounts in the Financial Statements.


The Group has two operating segments: the Management Company business and Fund Investment business. The Management Company business is subdivided into two business areas: CapMan Private Equity, which manages funds that invest in portfolio companies, and CapMan Real Estate, which manages funds that invest in real estate. Investments by CapMan funds investing in portfolio companies focus on three key investment areas in the Nordic countries and on one investment area in Russia. The investment areas are middle market buyouts (CapMan Buyout), investments in mid-sized companies operating in Russia (CapMan Russia), mezzanine investments (CapMan Credit), and significant minority shareholdings in listed small and mid-cap companies (CapMan Public Market). The investment focus of CapMan's real estate funds is on real estate properties, principally in Finland. The Group has nominated teams for each investment area. The investment teams are responsible for identifying new investment opportunities, making investment proposals, supporting the value creation of portfolio companies or real estate assets, and carrying out exit projects. CapMan has furthermore two other investment areas (CapMan Technology and CapMan Life Science), which do not make new investments but focus on developing the value of their existing portfolio companies. 


The Group has three service teams: (1) Business Development and Investor Relations, (2) Finance, Back Office, Legal and IT and (3) Human Resources.