Managed funds

In the table below the subfunds of the funds are presented separately in case their investment focuses differ from each other significantly. The funds have been divided in four categories according to their carried interest stage.


Fund name Investment focus Est. Original fund size /
investment capacity
Fenno Program /Skandia I 1997 8.4 Equity fund
Finnventure Rahasto V Ky 1999 169.9 Equity fund
CapMan Equity VII B L.P. 2002 56.5 Equity fund
CapMan Mezzanine IV L.P. 2004 240.0 Mezzanine fund
CapMan Buyout VIII Fund A L.P. 2006 360.0 Equity fund
CapMan Buyout VIII Fund B KB 2006 80.0 Equity fund
CapMan Life Science IV Fund L.P. 2006 54.1 Equity fund
CapMan Technology Fund 2007 B KB 2007 31.5 Equity fund
CapMan Technology Fund 2007 L.P. 2007 61.3 Equity fund
CapMan Public Market Fund FCP-SIF 2008 138.0 Equity fund
CapMan Russia Fund L.P. 2007 118.1 Equity fund
CapMan Buyout IX Fund A L.P. 2009 294.6 Equity fund
CapMan Real Estate I Ky 2005 500.0 Real Estate fund
CapMan RE II Ky 2006 600.0 Real Estate fund
CapMan Hotels RE Ky 2008 875.0 Real Estate fund
CapMan Mezzanine V Fund FCP-SIF 2010 95.0 Mezzanine fund
Finnmezzanine Rahasto III C Ky 2000 13.9 Mezzanine fund
Swedestart Life Science KB 2000 55.0 Equity fund
Swedestart Tech KB 2000 87.2 Equity fund
Yewtree 2003 4.6 Equity fund
CapMan Russia II Fund L.P. 2013 99.1 Equity fund
CapMan Buyout X Fund B Ky 2013 72.1 Equity fund
CapMan Nordic Real Estate FCP-SIF 2013 273.3 Real Estate fund
Finnmezzanine Rahasto III B Ky 2000 20.2 Mezzanine fund
CapMan Equity Sweden KB 2002 67.0 Equity fund
CapMan Equity VII A L.P. 2002 156.7 Equity fund
Finnmezzanine Rahasto III A Ky 2000 101.4 Mezzanine fund
CapMan Buyout X Fund A L.P. 2013 172.4 Equity fund
CapMan Equity VII C L.P. 2002 23.1 Equity fund
Buyout Technology Life science Russia Public market
Real estate Buyout /
Mezzanine Generalist