6 November 2014:

Heikki Westerlund, CEO and senior partner, comments on the events during the review period and CapMan’s prospects:

"We continued to advance our strategic projects. Our collaboration with Elite Asset Management will open up private equity to a wider customer base. Our long-term investment in international fundraising is also beginning to bear fruit. For example, our Nordic real estate fund has already secured a significant number of investments from investors outside of the Nordics.

The fundraising rounds of our Buyout and Russia funds have been finalised. Buyout focused their resources in Stockholm and Helsinki, and in the near future its operational focus will be on increasing the value of the portfolio. Despite the negative development of the Russian economy, the development of our Russian portfolio companies has remained at a good level on average.

Our fee income and expenses are in balance, and the total carried interest income can still reach a good level this year. The fair value development of our own fund investments has not met our expectations in 2014. During the third quarter, the change is in line with the general stock market development, but some of the portfolio companies are also falling short of their original goals for the year.“

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